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Keep an eye on your basements this week. the chance of flooding is great and that means back up of sewers are a good possibility of happening. If you have furniture in the basement you don't want to be ruined you may want to raise it off the floor or move it upstairs. READ MORE >>

Tips for Purchasing Small Business Insurance? So, now that you know you operate a small business and how important insurance can be, it’s time to start shopping and take control of your finances and trajectory. READ MORE >>

Saturday August 26th is National Dog DaySend us pictures of your dog and why he/she is so cool.. Facebook  make sure you like the page also.Buy your dog a special treat on this day.#ilovemydog READ MORE >>

Small Business Insurance: Breaking Down the Basics By Jason Hargraves - August 16, 2017 Small business owners should think big when it comes to insuring themselves and their company because size doesn’t really matter when it comes to protecting yourself and your business assets. READ MORE >>

Health Insurance Often, people can choose between using a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) or an alternative option. Obviously, the coverage that best suits your needs should be a top priority in choosing whether you should have an high-deductible plan. READ MORE >>

Umbrella Insurance Umbrella insurance is an extra layer of protection to safeguard your assets in case you end up facing certain large liability claims. For example, imagine if you or someone covered under your auto insurance was found at fault in a serious car accident. READ MORE >>

Disability Insurance   The most valuable asset earners possess — especially if they have years to go before retirement — is their capacity to earn money. Often, people think about their home, business or 401(k) balance when it comes to important assets — but consider how ... READ MORE >>

Guest post written by Mark Albers Mark Albers, a senior financial advisor at Wipli Hewins Investment Advisors in Appleton and Green Bay, Wisc.   Preparing for the worst is no fun, but it’s vital. READ MORE >>

7 Ways To Save Boat Fuel By Randy Troutman On May 9, 2017 · Since summer brings the best boating days, it just makes sense to spend as much time on the water as possible while saving as much money on boat fuel as possible. You can take full advantage of boating season without draining your wallet. READ MORE >>

Boating Safety Course By Randy Troutman On May 30, 2017 · When you know the boating laws and navigational rules of the road, you’ll have a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience on the water. Think about it. You will not have to worry what the different aids to navigation mean, or if you have the required safety equipment on board. READ MORE >>

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